LivYANA. was created so you have a Live-Better platform that inspires support and allows you tell your story.

We empower you to engage in conversations that change your life, explore new ideas of how to better your health journey, and help the ones around you.

Below are Answers to common Questions

Who is LivYANA. for?

LivYANA. is for anyone going through a health journey, no matter how big or small, including people who want to learn about being healthier, and health enthusiast who are passionate about health and fitness.

What is a health Journey?

A health journey who is looking to better their health or find support for a diagnosis. This could be as easy as losing weight and finding others who have similar goals to being diagnosed with a condition and looking for people who have gone through a health journey with that particular condition.

How does LivYANA. benefit me as a caregiver?

LivYANA. was built for support system around that health journey as well. When a diagnosis occurs the family is just as confused and experiences a lack of support and resources as much as the patient. LivYANA. was created so that you could find that support and resources you need from people who have experienced it.

How does LivYANA. benefit me through my condition?

LivYANA. is powered by you and for you. You are able to connect with other people to learn from their experiences and they can learn from you. This allows you to noy only find support but learn what might work and not work.

When are events held?

LivYANA. will hold events throughout the year, subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on events and impacts of our platform.

How can I further support LivYANA.?

The best way to support LivYANA. is to continue to support by using our platform to bring hope and happiness to all going through a health journey no matter how big or small.

We are currently looking for Health Journey anchors to help people with your condition. If interested in becoming an anchor reach out to us via Contact Us page.

I am interested in investment opportunities

If interested in investing please contact us and we will schedule a meeting so you can learn more about the team, platform, and investment opportunities.

We also have PayItForward donation opportunities

Please reach out via Contact Us page and we will be in touch

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