Welcome to Livyana.

Livyana.  [liv-yaa-nuh] (Noun)

Stands for Live(Liv) because You Are Not Alone(yana)



Livyana is the first holistic Live-Better platform that connects
patients, caregivers, and health enthusiast living similar health journeys.  Its members harness the collective genius of health experiences through community interaction. 



Why? Because we a want you to Live because You Are Not Alone


Remember to Live Because You Are Not Alone

About Our Platform

The power of Livyana. is brought to you by you and everyone in our community creating the collective genius of health. 



Our app allows you to experience true health outcomes by becoming part of a community that cares and understands.


Connect with people


Learn from the community


Post Real-Time Thoughts and Experiences


Get Notified on Relevant Events

Community Support

Available anytime anywhere

Always Updated

Relevant Content Around Health


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Most Useful Features​

Livyana. features empower you through your health journey


New to a health journey or looking for advice, the help feature allows to connect immediately


Have a conversation in real time with your health community and continue to learn

Ask a question

In your health journey questions are normal, learn from others who have lived it

Create Events

Create meet-up groups, one-on-ones, and group chats

Personalized Feed

Stay up to date via your feed and harness the power of you

You and Your Family

We empower you and your family to find the support you all deserve

Helpful Videos For You

Click on the videos to learn more how Livyana. helps you

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Own your health journey in a Powerful Way

You and your experiences are the power behind Livyana.

We built Livyana. so that our community could have a place to go. To many times have we experienced leaving a doctors office with no resources and no one to help or turn to.

Welcome to Livyana. , you can not only find help but be helpful to others in your same health journey as a person.

That is why you are the power of Livyana. , and together we will change the lives of our community.

Words From Our Founders

Livyana. was bred out of our own experiences


Get Livyana. Now

and start connecting with people who understand you 


Remember to Live Because You Are Not Alone

Remember to Live because You Are Not Alone

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